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Every brand is trying to figure out how to get consumers to notice and trust their products. We see marketing strategies of every kind and on every sort of media -- social media, radio, television, billboards, etc.

These campaigns can be effective, but they rely on many different methods to build awareness and trust. One of the most effective ways a brand can improve consumer trust is by earning third-party awards and certifications. These can be effective because not only do they make consumers aware of your brand, they provide a level of trust that advertising alone just can’t do.

These two accolades aren’t the same thing. Awards are prizes that are given to products that are recognized as being outstanding in a particular area or field. Sometimes (but not always) brands actually enter their products into contests, of sorts. Other times a group will simply publish a list, often at the end of the year or other time frame, naming “Best of” categories and other product awards. It is expected that each award is only given to one brand, product or service by a group at one time, and that brings with it a measure of recognition.

Certifications, on the other hand, can be awarded to multiple brands at any given time. These certifications exist to show that a product or service has been tested and passed a (hopefully) rigorous set of standards designed to weed out inferior brands. Consumers who do their research know which certifications matter, and will naturally gravitate towards those brands who have passed those standards and earned those certifications. Together, these product awards and certifications help with product branding overall, and can be used as a very effective marketing tool.

How do awards and certifications help improve consumer trust and impact your product branding?


They Provide Credibility
As mentioned above, the recognition that comes with earning an award or certificate means something to the average consumer looking for higher-quality products. The idea behind these accolades is that the product or service in question has been tested -- and passed.

Now, depending on the group making the determinations, these standards being tested might be concerning the product’s overall quality, safety, environmental impact or many other characteristics -- but the important factor is that the brand passed the test, and consumers who care about those particular characteristics will see that award or certificate and react accordingly.


They Provide a Sense of Objectivity
So, if the goal here is to have products that meet those standards, why not just do it yourself? It’s not hard to test your materials, services, goods, etc. and make those results known, right?

The problem has to do with objectivity. It might not seem fair, but this doesn’t make it any less true: consumers will never completely believe what you have to say about your own product. After all, your goal is to make money, right? You want to sell your brand, the thinking goes, so you’re going to say or do what you need to in order to make that happen. Add to that the fact that the average consumer has very little faith in companies and businesses to begin with, and you have a system where the objective word of a third-party group is an absolute necessity.

So, when an objective, outside group looks over your products or services and decides that they meet those standards, this means something important to a lot of consumers. This is especially true if the third-party group in question is known and has built up trust on its own also -- like we here at PTPA Media. Our Parent Tested Parent Approved seal of approval carries a lot of weight behind it on both parent tested products and parent approved products, and if you are hoping to build consumer confidence with your products, having the PTPA Media name in your corner is a strong way to begin.

They Add a Layer of Accountability

In addition to the credibility and objectivity mentioned above, it is important to talk about accountability. Accountability is something that helps to ensure that people and corporations do the right thing. Even though we’d love to believe that everyone has the well-being of their fellow citizens at heart, let’s face it -- there are entities out there that, if left unchecked, will not hesitate to cut corners in order to make an extra dime.

The idea that third party groups exist and are watching out helps to keep these people and businesses in check. The accountability and oversight these groups provide is invaluable, and it another way that consumer confidence and product trust increases. When you can be assured that no corners were cut -- even if fear of being caught was the motivating factor -- it helps you to put your faith in the product you are buying.

They Provide Exposure

For consumers who care, the first step in shopping often begins by searching -- but not for the product or brand itself. Instead, consumers might search for items that meet specific needs. For example, they might search for products that are certified safe, or BPA free, or locally-sourced or just about an infinite different qualities.

In searches like these, your brand will be left out of the loop unless your products meet those standards. And the only way that will happen is if they have been tested and received those certifications.

Let PTPA Media Help

If you are working to build consumer trust in your brand, PTPA Media is a proven, credible source. Our own marketing strategists have years of experience helping brands just like yours build a strong image. We know the awards and product certifications that are available, and can help show you which ones can earn your brand the solid reputation you’re looking for.

What’s more, our experts know how to market. When it comes time to launch campaigns we can work with you from start to finish, whether it’s online, on radio, on video or any other media you prefer. If you’re looking to take your brand recognition to the next level, why not contact us today?


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