Baby Boomers, Gen-X, Millennials & Gen- Z defined

It's frankly overwhelming. How do you keep up? I mean it's not like time is standing still so how do you figure out what age is currently deemed a Millennial? Gen-Z? Let's simplify it for you.


Baby Boomers
. Those cool cats we call parents. They are born between 1944 & 1964

Gen-X. Michael J. Fox was likely our idol, Tootie is not just an ice cream flavor and they are born between 1965 - 1979.

Gen-Y or Millennials. The most talked about and influential generation in history. Born between 1980 - 1994.

Gen-Z - Voted most likely to have chip embedded versus having to carry a mobile device like their old school parents. Born between 1995 - 2015.

Want your own handy reference that you can print out and hang on your old school corkboard?

 Did you say "Corkboard"?


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